For many of my early years I was drawn to photography but film didn't create the quick response for learning that I needed to really understand the craft. With the technological advances and easy availability of digital cameras the instant feedback loop provided the opportunity for me instantly understanding the impact of my shot.  

As I began to explore the photographic experience I became inspired to try and capture the beauty of another passion, scuba diving.  At the time my young daughter and wife did not scuba dive and yet on every family vacation I would leave and spend countless hours diving.  Bringing back photos of my adventure provided the opportunity to share the joys and create a bond between my daughter and the ocean that still exists today.

Because I couldn't spend all of my time away scuba diving, and because I had realized the immense joy of capturing and sharing imagery I pursued more education informally in photography to allow me to shoot wherever I might including above the water surface.

I had taken coursework and even had a concentration in expressive arts therapy as part of my counseling and psychology education and as I was learning about the expressive arts my go to medium was photography, which is a bit less conventional in this area. This intersection of emoting through photography took hold and the passion for being able to capture a timeless moment or express a sentiment was born. 

Now, in the midst of pursuing formal education through an additional graduate master degree in photography, I continue to refine the craft with an emphasis in fine art photography.  I most enjoy the genre of nature and landscape and particularly the subgenre of underwater photography.  When the opportunity presents I always appreciate the opportunity to share in portraiture or other event photography bringing a creative flair and breaking just enough of the rules to be interesting without challenging the paradigms of the art.  

I hope you enjoy the fruits of the labor and I appreciate your viewing. 

For more information about Leslie (aka Dr. Sherlin) in his professional world navigate to: www.lesliesherlin.com and www.drsherlin.com

Contact me:

Email: lesliesherlin [at] mac.com

Phone: (480) 389-six nine seven one

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